About Igrow

At Apira Science, our mission is to provide convenient, effective and easy-to-use low-level light therapy systems and devices for individuals suffering from a variety of hair and skin related conditions.

Recognized as one of the global leaders in aesthetic light-based therapies, Apira Science, Inc. is a pioneer in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of low-level light therapy (LLLT) systems and devices for the consumer market.

Founded in 2004, Apira entered the hair restoration industry through the introduction of its flagship clinical laser hair rejuvenation system: the Revage670®.

Apira has leveraged decades of scientific studies, along with its own research and development of low-level light therapy technology, to design and produce consumer-friendly, in-home devices for both hair growth and various skin conditions. The iGrow® Hair Growth System and iDerma family of devices have been developed around this experience and expertise. Apira holds worldwide patents on both of its flagship systems.

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