The iGrow delivers red light at a wavelength and power shown to stimulate hair follicles into greater productivity. In other words, help themworka bit harder to do what they’re meant to do: grow hair.

  • The iGrow® Hair Growth System
  • Grow your hair with an FDA cleared product
  • Ideal for men and women with hair loss
  • Proven results in two separate clinical trials.
  • Average increase of 35% in hair growth
  • Safe and Effective
  • Built-in High Quality Headphones
  • Backed by money back satisfaction guarantee!


Currently, over-the-counter light therapy devices for hair growth are available through convenient hands-free systems, or less effective hand-held devices. Either product may be used at home and does not require the supervision of a physician.

LLLT Defined systems are widely used in medicine, in a multitude of varying capacities. The light energy used to stimulate hair growth is visible in the red light spectrum between 650nm and 670nm. LLLT is sometimes included under a broader definition of ‘Phototherapy’, where the light-emitting device may be a laser and/or light-emitting diode (LED).

LLLT at Work

Light at a specific wavelength has an effect on your body when it is applied for a sufficient length of time (Dosage). It is theorized that when the laser light is absorbed by target tissue molecules, the energy level of the molecules is increased and the molecules respond by "working off" the excess energy with adaptive changes. These changes may be chemical or physical, and they may have biological effects on the target tissue or surrounding tissues. Because the changes in the molecules are brought about by phototherapy, chemical changes are said to be due to 'photochemistry' and physical changes to 'photophysics.' As a result, the biological effects on tissue are called photobiomodulation.

Treatment of Male and Female Hair Loss via Photobiomodulation.

There are many hypotheses, which address how LLLT photobiomodulation may stimulate new hair. It is hypothesized that LLLT initiates the chemical reaction in the cells that make up the follicle's epithelial matrix, causing the proliferative activity. Much evidence points out that follicular apoptosis (programmed cell death) is reversed via the application of laser energy.

Observations of wavelength stimulation of optimal hair growth have shown precisely what wavelengths, power and intensity are necessary for optimal effect in stimulating new hair growth. It is important to note that heat is not associated with the photochemical and photo therapeutic effects of LLLT. LLLT is a low-wattage 'cold light', and while there are visible red wavelengths, there is no sensation on the skin of persons undergoing treatment. These light sources are safe and universally accepted as such by medical authorities, worldwide. Also significant is the fact that there are no side-effects associated with the use of LLLT, as there are with usage of pharmaceuticals, topicals and pills.