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Featured in Men's Health

The iGrow helmet [igrowlaser.com] looks like something out of a Saturday Night Live parody or a dubious infomercial. But that’s a shame—because it actually works.
The FDA-cleared device uses lasers and LED light to activate dormant hair follicles. It also touts an MP3 interface for the guy who can’t live without his Zune and a remote control for the wife who will most certainly be laughing at you.

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  • KTLA Channel 5 Morning News

    The iGrow bicycle helmet-type device is fitted with low level laser and LED lights. It was found in clinical trials to increase scalp hair growth in men by 35 percent and increase scalp hair growth in women by 37 percent when worn on the head for 25 minutes, four times per week, over a 16-week period. The iGrow also comes with headphones that you can plug into your Ipod.

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  • Esquire

    Baldness is up there with death on the list of big bummers that modern medicine can't quite cure. Most men are just about as afraid of going bald as dying (I see you, Uncle Jesse).
    Sure, there are many options to help with baldness, but most are either prohibitively expensive, require serious discipline, or make cut your sex drive in half, which is a shame, because getting laid is why you're trying to regrow that hair anyway.

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  • NY Daily News: New hope for male hair loss as iGrow gets FDA clearance

    The machine that employs red light technology to promote hair growth in males was given the green light by the FDA last week for over the counter sales.
    iGrow Hair Growth System is intended for men whose hair loss patterns fall into categories IIa through V on the Hamilton-Norwood hair loss scale.

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  • Laptop Magazine Hair Rejuvenation

    The prospect of going bald is so frightening for many people that they are willing to spend untold sums on creams and sprays that promise to regrow hair. But this is the 21st century. Isn't there a more high-tech way to treat baldness, like say, lasers? As it turns out, that's exactly what Apira Science's iGrow helmet uses.

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  • CES 2015: The best in beauty tech

    Laser Treatment could stem baldness

    Featured on "The Doctors" on NBC

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